Journeymen Training Classes

Below are a list of Journeymen Classes which are currently being offered. To sign-up/register please visit the specific class page you wish to sign-up/register for and fill out the form. The "Upcoming Class" page will give you a up-to-date list of active classes being offered at this time.  

  1. Adult CPR 
  2. Auto CAD 
  3. Backflow Prevention Tester Certification 
  4. Backflow Prevention Tester Recertification 
  5. Basic Computer Skills 
  6. Confined Space Training 
  7. Crane Signaling/ Rigging Qualification 
  8. Green Systems Awareness Certification 
  9. I.C.R.A. 8 Certification 
  10. Medical Gas Installer/ Brazer Certification 
  11. Medical Gas Installer/ Recertification 
  12. Operator Qualified DOT Gasline Certification 
  13. OSHA 10 
  14. OSHA 30 
  15. Pipefitter (in-house) Qualification 
  16. Plastic Fusion/ Mechanical Joint Certification 

To register for either class, call the Training Center at 724-695-9047 or visit the specific class page.


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Tue, Nov 1, 2011

Plumbers Local 27 offers our journeymen continuing education classes throughout the year. Click Here to download the document of classes for Journeymen.

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